• Scholarships for PG/Degree & Engg Level Courses.
  • The Scholarships will be awarded to the P.G. Courses / Degree Courses level Courses in Engineering / Technology including Architecture or any other equivalent course approved by the India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
  • The Scholarship shall be awarded on the basis of (i) Poverty-cum-Brillance and (ii) Brilliance.
  • The Scholarship shall be awarded only if the total income of the sources of parents or guardian is not more than Rs 36000/- p.a.
  • The Scholarship shall be awarded strictly according to merit to be determined with reference to (i) Income of parents or guardian and (ii) Marks obtained in the Examination / Class by virtue of which a candidate is eligible for admission provided the students has Secured atleast 60% of marks in the said exam.This condition will however not be applicable to the SC and ST Students.
  • The students who become eligible for scholarships on the basis of poverty-cum-brillance shall first be awarded scholarships.After their list is exhausted,the remaining scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of brillance.
  • Only those students shall be eligible for the award of scholarships who are Bonafide Himachali and ward of H.P.Govt.employees.
  • The value of Scholarship for P.G. and Degree Courses is Rs. 300/- p.m. for General category and the value of scholarship for SC and ST students shall be Rs.500/- p.m.
  • Diploma level courses students including SC and ST will get Rs.200/- p.m.
  • Total nos.of Scholarships for P.G. and Degree level Courses will be 175 Nos, and for Diploma Courses it will be 75 Nos.
  • 100% Scholarships shall be awarded to the SC and ST Students in P.G. / Degree Courses.