All the students are required to comply with the College Rules and Regulations: –

  • Regular and punctual attendance in all class activities like lectures, demonstrations, practicals, clinical teachings, tutorial, tests etc, College activities like clinical meetings, conference, guest lectures, seminars as well as sports, cultural activities etc., is compulsory. As per Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi regulations, no student shall be allowed to appear in the annual examination of the concerned subject if her attendance falls shorts of 80% of the total theory teaching in a subject. Similarly in practicals, Hospital posting and bed side clinical areas etc. attendance must be 100% before award of degree. Students, whose conduct and academic standards are not considered satisfactory, shall not be allowed to appear in the University Examination or to hold any office in the college or in extra-curricular organizations etc.
  • Attendance at the college examinations and marks obtained in these will be taken into consideration in making the internal/academic assessment.
  • No students will be allowed to do make up duties during the vacation. Leave of absence from the classes must be taken from the teachers.
  • Fine of Rs. 100 per day will be charged in case of absence from college even if students absent for one hour in day.
  • Illnesses and minor ailment must be reported to the Warden/Housekeeper or class teacher as early as possible.
  • The following are strictly forbidden in the institution:

            i The possession or use of alcoholic beverages or delinquency under the influence of alcohol.

            ii Possession or use of addictive or hallucinogenic drugs.

            iii Gambling..

  1. Possession or use of firearms or any lethal weapon.
  2. Loitering around, especially under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  • Ragging of the first year students, particularly when they are admitted afresh to this college, is illegal and completely forbidden. It is punishable with fine, restication or even expulsion from the college and also with prosecution. Ragging is defined, amongst others, as “Display of disorderly conduct, an act causing physically or psychological harm or causing apprehension of fear or same or embarrassment.” The definition also includes, “Teasing, abusing, threatening, playing practical jokes or asking a students to perform something the student, in the ordinary course, would not do.” It further includes causing injury, degrading and humiliating a fellow student and causing distress of mind or spirit.

            Follow UGC Regulations, 2009 on curbing the menace of ragging (available on INC website)

  • Ensuring online undertaking by the students and parents in the prescribed format regarding anti-ragging (website:
  • All the students and faculty and staff of College of Nursing be aware of the following ganti-ragging number and websites for reporting incidents of ragging occurring in college.
  • Students are not allowed to paste notices within the institution without prior written permission from the office of the Principal. They are also forbidden to communicate with any outside authority directly. All such communications must be submit through the office of the Principal. Any student infringing this rule is liable to suspended.
  • Students are not allowed to go in mass bunk, otherwise serious disciplinary actionbe taken
  • Students are not allowed to avail any kind of leave in continuation to vacations (Bef or after). Otherwise Rs. 100/- per day will be charged. No leave will be granted to the students telephonically. In case of sickness, leave will given on the basis of medical records only.
  • Students must pay for all damages caused by them to books and other college , hospital property.
  • The college does not hold itself responsible for debts incurred by the students.
  • Once the student enters the college in morning cannot go out without the gate pass issued Principal. Student must wear ID card in college campus and clinical area.
  • No outsiders are allowed to enter the classroom. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in class room and clinical area.
  • Students should be in proper uniform in clinical area otherwise penalty will be imposed. Students should not visit clinical area in their off time.
  • No visitors of students are allowed in clinical area.
  • Students will not be allowed to go to clinical area and community area in their own vehicle.
  • Pick and drop of students for clinical areas, field visits will be only from college campus.

Parents are instructed not to interfere in college administration.

Disciplinary Action.

  1. All irregularities, neglect of duties, breach of rules and indiscipline are to brought to the notice of the Principal. In consultation with the Management Disciplinary Committee and administrative staff shall deal with any series offence, for which an adverse entry in the student’s personal file/record register may be made and penalty imposed. Penalty could be either written or verbal warning, fine, suspension and/or removal as an office bearer of any Organisation and / or removal/expulsion from the college. Penalty could be both suspension and fine also. The principal is competent to remit/ reduce the penalty imposed her and the consultation of management.
  2. The decision of the Governing Board in all disputes would be final and binding the student. In case of any dispute, the decision of Sri Sukhmani College Nursing, Dera B Governing Board will be binding and final. In case of any dispute in the court of jurisdiction will be district Mohali.

Hostel rules

Each hosteller shall be responsible faithfully for the following rules. . Hostel is compulsory for students who are residing out of tricity.

Study time has to be observed from 8.30 PM to 11.00 pm strictly, during which perion students are not allowed to go to other rooms.

Student will be assigned a seat in a hostel as and when available. No student shall keep any unauthorized person (male/female) in the room. If a hosteller is found to have a person in her room, she will be liable for disciplinary action. No hosteller is allowed to shift furniture from one room to another. No hosteller is allowed to change her room at her own.

Hostellers are responsible for cleanliness of rooms. Surprise inspection of rooms will be done by faculty/Warden/Housekeeper. No hosteller will remain absent from hostel without Warden/Housekeeper written permission

Every hosteller should make entry in the departure register before leaving the hostel during night pass or outing and coming to college & back to hostel

Any damage to room or furniture should be reported to warden. Students can be allowed to use own air cooler in hostel room with increased flat rate consumption of electricity i.e. Rs.3000 per student in season. All lights and fans must be switched off when leaving the room, otherwise fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged.

Hostel attendants are under control of the Warden/Housekeeper. No personnel is to be sent out for personal work without permission of the Warden/Housekeeper. Hostellers are not allowed to keep valuables, cash or gold jewellery in the hostel. Authorities will not be responsible for any loss.

No intoxicants/alcoholic drinks are allowed in the hostel.

No one is allowed to use abusive language in hostel.

Visiting the hospital without duty or illness is not allowed.

Students are not allowed to conduct meetings/strikes in hostel. In case any student is found guilty, she will be expelled from College & Hostel.

Ragging is strictly forbidden. All students must be present for attendance at 7.30 AM & 7:30 PM.

Student who go for night stay, must report back in hostel by 7 PM in summer & 5 PM in winter, they will not be allowed to enter in hostel even if they come with their parents/guardian.

Electric appliances like heaters, iron, TVs, heat convectors or electric rods are NO allowed in room. If found guilty, the concerned each Hosteller will be fined Rs. 500/ per item.

Laptop is only allowed to MSc. Nursing students with the payment of Rs. 100/ month per student.

Main gate will be locked at 10.00 PM.

Hostellers may submit passport size photographs of three relatives for making id cards so that they can visit the hosteller. The visitors must show this identity cards at hostel entrance and make the necessary entry in the register kept for the purpose.

The room of any hosteller is liable to be inspected by the authorities including Sem Warden, Junior Warden, Principal & Teacher at any time of day or night.

Mobiles are permitted in the hostel premises. In case any student found using mobile phone in college/clinical area/ mess, a strict disciplinary action will be taken we can be fined Rs. 1000/- or expulsion from hostel. Parents will be responsible for paid cards and their records. Hostel is compulsory for all the students except those who are coming from within (10) ten kilometres radius of the college.

Fine of Rs. 100 per day will be charged in case of absence from college /hostel and Rs. 500/- if student report late after vacations.

Rules of Visitors

No male/female visitor is allowed in the rooms.

Visiting time will be only Saturday 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM and on Sunday from 8.00 A to 6.00 PM.

Visitors will make the entries in visitor register and will take permission from the Warden/Housekeeper to meet the student in the visitors’ room only.

Only those visitors can visit, who are authorized by parents.

Students are not allowed to meet visitors of another students.

Rules for Sick Students

Sick students must inform the Warden/Housekeeper about the need of any special diet before 9.00 AM.

Sick leave form can be obtained from the Warden/Housekeeper after explaining sickness to the Warden/Housekeeper.

Sick leave form must be submitted to class teacher after getting consultation from Sri Sukhmnai Multispecialty Hospital, Dera Bassi/Govt. Hospital.

Only consultant of Sri Sukhmani Multispecialty Hospital will be competent to grant sick leave and no other medical certificate will be entertaines No private medical certificate will be entertained.

Warden/Housekeeper will visit the rooms of sick students. If there is any problem, students can consult Principal at any time.

Rules for Night Pass & Outing

Two night passes per month are allowed on the written permission of parents only and outing will be allowed once in a month to Dera Bassi / Chandigarh, that too with the permission of parents.

Rules for Mess

  • One month advance payment will be made by each hosteller as security to the licensee, which will be refundable at the time of leaving the institute when no dues will be made. Mess will be common for all hosteller under the control of the Warden/Housekeeper.
  • Mess is compulsory for all hostellers.
  • Cooking is not allowed in hostel rooms. Room service of food is not allowed. No one is allowed to take any mess utensils. All the meal should be taken in dining room at proper timing. Outside the dining hall or to take meals in her own utensils.
  • While coming to mess, hostellers must be properly dressed up. Night suits and open hairs are NOT allowed in the mess. Rule for students opting to become paying guest; students who wish to become paying guest are not allowed to live as paying guest within Derabassi. They can live in paying guest outside Derabassi.
  • Food will be served from the serving window area.
  • No one is allowed to enter the kitchen
  • Students will have to pay mess money for vacation period also. Mess money will not be charged when they will be send for Psychiatric & mental health nursing experience for 6 weeks.
  • Wastage of food, water and electricity is not allowed. Students are not allowed to create any kind of indiscipline in mess.
  • Hostellers are required to pay mess charges Rs. 2400/- per month (liable to change) to
    the contractor monthly by the 7 of each month and at the time of admission payment
    should be paid on the date of counselling. In case of default Rs. 50/- per day shall be
    charged as late fee. (Mess charges are subject to revision according increase in price).